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small thoughts 2011-05-29 (my week in twitter)

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  • Why G8 „emerging democracies“ aid is too low and weak and how it compares to former debt relieve for military support #
  • A thorough look at the electricity markets to show how wind energy fluctuations are priced in and mostly unproblematic #
  • publication planning agencies“ — pharma companies write journal articles, then pay renowned „authors“ science & business #
  • First German offshore wind farm in operation 21 x 2.3 MW, some 50,000 households‘ worth of electricity. Yay! #
  • Scroll a little down for a discussion of how Obama adopts the „Israeli-Zionist Narrative“ on Palestine absurd, disturbing #
  • Touching portray of an African „illegalized“ immigrant to Spain And then they keep the image up for people at home! #
  • Parents not revealing their baby’s gender. Amazing idea. Think about why that’s so shocking! What does it change? #
  • Good news from Israel’s people and Jewish Americans on peace see also my party donations post earlier #
  • As usual, very concise summary & comment of the „Arab Spring“ on Informed Comment Mubarak, Egypt-Palestine, Yemen, Libya #
  • More big money sneaking into US election campaigns through „independent“ organizations In relative silence. #
  • Puzzling power game between Obama and Congress over Libya Why doesn’t he just put his war for democracy up for vote? #
  • Aus gegebenem Anlass der zu weit gereisten Gurken Slow-Food, Emstäler Knorpelkirschen, brüderlich vereint in Vielfalt :) #
  • What is it like to grow up with parents who believe the world will end soon? Nice perspective often forgotten. #
  • How crazy can „pro-life“ anti-abortionism get? Very. In the House? Very. A reasonable woman should be prepared for rape. #
  • Brilliant, sad-funny argument on extreme weather events and climate change Some sad sad US politics mentioned too. Obama! #
  • Criminology has something to think about now Crime rates in the US falling substantially at most unexpected time. Why?! #
  • Supreme Court rules for California to release 30,000 (~20%) of its prison population to no more than 137.5% capacity … #
  • Seems the political tide in the US is already turning again I knew I could have faith in Americans :) #
  • #InformedComment sides with Obama on the Israel Borders Issue and has sinister predictions for Netanyahu’s course #
  • #travelinsight 52: Karanga! Totally addicted to the local roasted peanuts, fresh and delicious. A lot of food here that I’ll miss at home! #
  • Tea Party is their own anger exposure #psychotherapy Maybe there is some truth (and good!) in habituation after all ;) #
  • Interesting thoughts on reporting (sexual) harassment in the end probably goes to show that reporting is always difficult #
  • Pakistanische Journalistin über den Stand der Emanzipation in Deutschland Warum kultureller Austausch so wichtig ist :) #
  • Schooling without learning. The drama of developing countries‘ education system, example India Probably worse in Tanzania #
  • I’m happy to find that a huge number of evolutionary psychologists have spoken up against the black-women-ugly-n-dumb guy #
  • Introduction to strong or weak currency — exchange rate issues in very readable #nytimes column Nice! #
  • Re-analysis refutes the black-women-attractiveness scandal Almost touching to see the struggle in a positivist mindset :) #
  • My job prospects in therapy seem to be wonderful Still sad. And shows that gender equality has to go both ways somehow. #

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