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small thoughts 2011-05-15 (my week in twitter)

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  • David Pogue is pessimistic about Skype’s future How do iChat and FaceTime work again? And didn’t Google have something? #
  • Paper-size (and –thin) computers are becoming reality #
  • Thema Immigration und Islam: Mir waren wichtige Details des „Anwerbeabkommens“ von 1961 nicht klar krass! #
  • Heiße Diskussion um einen ZEIT Leserartikel zum Islam Die (meistempfohlenen) Kommentare stimmen mich großteils bedenklich #
  • #travelinsight 46: A teacher colleague had Malaria over the week-end. Malaria! Over the week-end! Still worries me a little… #
  • #travelinsight 45: Learning an all-new language makes you think about what you need language for. What would your first 200 words cover? #
  • #travelinsight 44: Why oh why do women here prefer odd-looking wigs over their beautiful natural hair? #
  • Danke, Europäischer Gerichtshof! Klagerecht für Umweltverbände in Deutschland „Bürgergesellschaft“ wir kommen :) #
  • #travelinsight 43: Two breakfasts, two lunches and dinner is a little much. Of course, Hobbits would disagree. And so, initially, did I … #
  • Hah! The longest German word in official usage 63 letters! (that’s as exactly as much as this tweet before the brackets!) #
  • Do political decisions originate with „the people“ or elites? I discover the field of comparative political economy #
  • s in Germany, is pronounced [z] if it forms the syllable onset (e.g. Sohn [zoːn]), otherwise [s] (e.g. Bus [bʊs]) Aha! #
  • Ich liebe meine Sprache: Guttenbergs Fälschungen „werkprägendes Arbeitsmuster“ Fazit der Kommission: bewusste Täuschung #
  • Next door to me in Uganda, a proposed law threatens gays with death penalty. Protest: it seems to have worked once before #
  • High-tech orthodoxy or: the woman who was never there it would be very funny if it wasn’t real #Krugman #
  • How to lie with numbers: The cost of closing the fiscal gap now or later #Krugman #Constructivism #
  • Surprising and very informed argument against the notion that feminism took away the housewife’s good status of the 50s #
  • Joseph Stiglitz about past and future of US distribution of wealth and its political implications Scary. #
  • An einer tiefen Beschreibung der Personaldebatten in der FDP kann man lernen, wie Parteien im Inneren funktionieren #

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