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This I believe — my Constructivism explained

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011 21:32

It is a great pleasure to finally share publicly here parts of the book I loved most out of my final exams reading list (and, maybe surprisingly, I loved quite a few), and which I come back to over and over again, making it uncontestedly the most influential book for my thinking that I read during my whole studies. It is „Acts of Meaning“ by Jerome Bruner, published in 1990 as an elaboration of a series of lectures, and was assigned for the exam in Cultural Psychology (thank you, Gabriele!).

It has so many important things to say about science, culture, and psychology that I believe it should be on every psychologist’s and non-psychologist’s bookshelf, but one part I like to refer non-psychologists to most frequently is about „relativism“, or as I prefer to say: Constructivism.


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Tanzania 4 — My first ever exams from the other side

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011 18:10

I have taken exams of all sorts before, I have helped administer exams and have composed exercise questions for students in tutorials. But never before have I composed an exam that will result in actual grading of students. So here I am, after a mere three weeks of teaching Physics in grade 8 and 10, doing just that. Following the format of the national examinations that will be so important for the students‘ futures, because depending on the results they will be able to attend the advanced levels (A-levels), and go to college/university from there.

I am quite scared, to be honest, much more than when taking exams recently. Because in a way I’m giving myself an exam of my teaching success here, and also I hope to encourage and not discourage the students. A colleague who looked at them told me he liked them, and liked that they aren’t too easy… But then, this is what I taught, and very close to the priorities I had in the lessons.

Please cross fingers, and feel free to comment. In Form 3 (grade 10) I only taught reflection and refraction, but this is the final exam for the year, and they had electricity stuff earlier apparently. Well, here are the exams for Form 1 and Form 3.

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