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small thoughts 2011-05-22 (my week in twitter)

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  • DSK: A semi-open marriage made public „As long as he is still attracted to me, and I to him, it is sufficient.“ Hm. Hmmm. #
  • Stolen Valor Act — the crime of pretending to be a military hero In what kind of society would this crime be wide-spread? #
  • Sex and Religion: We’re all doing pretty much the same stuff. Believers just feel worse about it. #cautionorhumoradvised #
  • School funding — irony can be so enlightening And who doesn’t get it, too (different topic) #
  • #travelinsight 51: I’ll never say cool again. There is an abundance of much nicer words of appreciation here. Shwanga! (for Germans… ;) #
  • Informed comment has Obama’s Middle East address and a thoughtful comment analyzing pros and cons #
  • Important comment on DSK case: illegal immigrants‘ lack of access to law enforcement & astronomic sexual assault numbers #
  • Well-argued and devastating critique of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his public defenders Bad bad taste in my mouth. #
  • Sind Gleichstellungsbeauftragte auch für Männer da? Spannende Kontroverse Ich finde: ja, aus vielerlei Gründen. #
  • #travelinsight 49: What percentage of „Hello, can you hear me?!“ of total talk time can you tolerate in a Skype call? #
  • #travelinsight 48: My mosquito technique now: Long pants, thick socks and killing the ones approaching my bare arms. Works most of the time. #
  • More stimulus evaluation: via Krugman a thorough critical appraisal of the critique & a positive paper #
  • What Mankiw lauds as „empirical findings“ is „Stupid Stimulus Tricks“ to Krugman #StimulusBill #
  • #
  • Twitter & co go newspaper: Interesting website, I’m curious how that will evolve #
  • Odd-angle perspective on freedom, pleasure, capitalism, minorities, feminism, even Israel Awesome! #EllenWillis #
  • It seems Qaddafi’s International Criminal Court indictment changes a lot in Libya by deterring his „friends“ Good! #
  • #travelinsight 47: Great fun teaching Ultimate Frisbee to rural Tanzanian Students. They’re so enthusiastic! Thank you Auroville Spinergy! #
  • Vroniplag, Geißel der Plagiatoren nach Wikileaks die nächste Wikisierung des öffentlichen Lebens. Die Welt ändert sich! #
  • Syrien — Unterdrückung funktioniert, wenn genügend profitieren? Spannend, über Wege vorwärts nachzudenken. #
  • Kapital und Bildung — Stiftung Lesen wird Schleichwerbung vorgeworfen Schade! Wem würde man vertrauen wenn nicht denen? #
  • Die ZEIT hat für mich eine Geschichte guter Kanzlerinnen-Interviews. Diesmal windet sich Merkel allerdings recht hilflos #
  • I need to travel eastern Europe again! Amazing abandoned monuments from the 70s in former Yugoslavia great pictures too! #
  • Mieter subventionieren Photovoltaik — Entrechtung von Mietern unter dem Deckmantel des Klimaschutzes Gute Idee, FDP! #
  • Declining college learning outcomes — sociological critique of education markets with a touch of disgruntled old man talk #
  • The „Decline Effect“ — why replication of experiments fails so often, and what that means for science #

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