small thoughts 2011-06-26 (my week in twitter)

  • #SZ Kommentar zum Ausstiegs-Ja, der viel Hoffnung für die Grünen macht So oder so: gut gemacht, Grüne! #
  • RE #RSS If you want me to visit your blog, how about writing something that invites me to comment? Web 2.0, right? #
  • If you have an #RSS feed, don’t make it be one-liners. I won’t be teased and visit your stupid blog over and over. I’ll delete your feed. #
  • Getting „married“ on facebook „no pending invites to stray“ :D #moderntimes #
  • #travelinsight 65: Saying good-bye to people with no digital communication feels much more final — even though, who really writes e-mails? #
  • While Obamacare & Ryancare are similar, one is a good compromise for uninsured, the other worsening existing care #
  • Nations are not companies. EU Countries make their economies weak and unequal by trying to be „competitive“ #
  • Free speech in the west and the knowability of truth, from prescribed history to political correctness Fascinating! #
  • Compassionate story of an ex-gay, showing the struggles and mind-games that still trouble our sexual identities #
  • Nachrichten aus unserem abgeschafften Entwicklungshilfeministerium und dem ecudorianischen Regenwald Genau falsche EZ #
  • After frustration with my WordPress-Blog comment system: I’m not alone but where do I go from there? Help! #
  • #Krugman on liberalism & 5 influential books Fascinating how central epistemology is, a topic I keep coming back to, too. #
  • Historischer Bogen Grüner Bildungspolitik: Bildung für soziale Gerechtigkeit, der Weg zur „Gemeinschaftsschule“ lang #
  • Secret rule of the proletariat (sort of) in the US: managerialist, not capitalist Do we need corporate democracy? #
  • The cocaine-related death of a basketball star triggered the US war on drugs 25 years ago Can coincidences shape history? #
  • #Krugman argues the Greece problem can only be solved by defaulting the debt, and talks about the costs of delaying that #
  • When companies try to do science — McKinsey’s bold health care claim and refusal (inability?) to produce the evidence #
  • #travelinsight 64: Good gear and boots — happy as a child in the rain! And the mixed smell of wet mud, grass and eucalyptus, ahhh! #
  • #travelinsight 63: It can be a privilege to not understand the language: You get lots of time to observe and think about things. #
  • #travelinsight 62: I’m good with Kiswahili grammar and pronunciation, not so much with vocabulary — does that mean I’m lazy? #
  • US has only been militarized as intensely as now since WWII, and maybe ending the superpowerdom will not hurt too much #
  • Die #TAZ hat ein simples Online-Tool zur Suche von Parteispenden über 10.000€, Firmen & privat. Es lebe die Transparenz! #
  • Neuroscience is a (reflexive) social science: disbelief in free will changes brain activity (and behavior) — to the worse #
  • Spannende und kontroverse Liste von technischen Durchbrüchen, die (vielleicht) bevorstehen. Gut gemacht #ZEIT #
  • #Mankiw shows how you get the same behind different language in health care Why do democrats choose the „bad“ language? #

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