small thoughts 2011-06-19 (my week in twitter)

  • Learn child care, health care and fair pay from the military. A well-functioning socialist endeavor in the US’s heart #
  • CIA ordered by Bush administration to find „damaging“ information about displeasing Middle East blogger Very disturbing. #
  • It makes me sick that there’s a whole politics of its own about winning Wall Street donations And especially Obama! #
  • Subtle corruption by naming a building or institution after somebody very much agree with #Mankiw here #
  • The virtue of „moral imagination“ vs. one step leading to the next. Good freshman talk, and very noteworthy comments too! #
  • Review of a SF-Book that promises fun — and insights into how language and stories shape our world Can’t wait! #
  • Griechenland-Krise ähnelt dem Versailler Vertrag, und Lösung ist Europäische Finanzpolitik ohne nationale Parlamente wow! #
  • Auguri, Italia! Die Berlusconi-Ära scheint vorbei, hoffen wir dass die italienische Linke was zu bieten hat. #
  • Things can always be different, and not every US war is for oil. Libya definitely isn’t, read why on #InformedComment #
  • #travelinsight 61: RE sugar cane: Europe and US here are refined sugar of course, making this an inverted U-shaped development curve for me. #
  • #travelinsight 60: The difference between Africa and India and is chewing sugar cane and drinking fresh sugar cane juice. Both nice, but… #
  • #TechTip SafeSleepOnce the much-needed „deep sleep“ (hibernation) Button for Mac OS X. Also here: tested many, kept one #
  • #TechTip „Mental Case“ the first spaced repetition learning software that does the job for me not free, but worth it :) #
  • Paul #Krugman has a chart comparing Medicare and private insurance cost increases. Health markets not a good idea #

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