small thoughts 2011-06-05 (my week in twitter)

  • Fukushima ist noch nicht vorbei — Strahlung neues Maximum und 100.000 Tonnen hoch radioaktives Wasser in der Ruine #
  • #travelinsight 54: Decentralized waste incineration is a bad idea. But there is no garbage collection in place here, while trash there is… #
  • How the new Egypt government changes the game for Israel And some „old news“ we should keep in mind about the Gaza „jail“ #
  • US prison system dimensions and illusions: „we pay poor unemployed rural whites to guard poor unemployed urban blacks“ #
  • Well-argued case for publishing peer-review comments with the articles, anonymous or not #science #
  • #travelinsight 53: #postbank mobileTAN is so handy when traveling :) I only need my mobile phone for online banking. Yeah 21st century! #
  • Career advice for post-tenure economists (& others) increases my hope that good life and success go together in academia #
  • Thought-provoking „Male Privilege Checklist“ Scary to see how different gender worlds still are, and my own ignorance #
  • Technology, liking, loving #NYTimes #Op-Ed on how technology pulls us away from real life. Surprisingly deep thoughts! #
  • Critique of the „find yourself“ mantra for college graduates Talk of a „calling“ touches big philosophical themes. Good! #
  • American doctors: incentives change political positions Is it really only that? #
  • With a nudge from the government and consumers‘ minds changed by fuel prices, American companies learn to build compacts #

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