small thoughts 2011-01-23 (my week in twitter)

  • A book on (especially sociobiological) naturalism gave me the idea for an #n gram of „normal“ #
  • #travelinsight 3: practicing the art of relaxing. Way harder than I thought! #
  • #valuescience #TED video are there right answers to moral questions? Don’t necessarily agree, but thought-provoking #
  • I love semi-professional youtube stuff — like „Pale kid raps fast“ Yo! ;) #
  • social costs vs monetary fines (story of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation told nicely) #
  • Justice is what love looks like in public, just like tenderness is what love feels like in private — Cornel West #colbert #
  • A Night in Tunisia“, Tunisian novelist describing his experiences with (and supporting) the revolution #nytimes #op-ed #
  • #travelinsight 2: don’t forget about sport #
  • #travelinsight 1: one serving is enough, the pot need not be empty, and a vegan belly can feel even better after a meal #
  • Wikileaks cables reveal Israel’s intention to „keep Gaza’s economy on the brink of collapse“ youtube: #
  • tax evasion uncovered 2.0 — this time through Wikileaks I hope Swiss courts have some sense of right and wrong #
  • is the polarization and intensity of the political debate due to a general loss of personal modesty (replaced by ego)? #
  • given the bad press microcredit has recently gotten, good to read Yunus‘ explanations and solutions #nytimes #op-ed #

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