Muddy Libertarianism

In einem schönen kleinen Beitrag im Econimix-Blog der NYTimes findet man einen guten Überblick über Libertarismus als politische (und ökonomische) Philosophie. Ein Anwendungsbeispiel zur Legalisierung von Drogen zeigt, dass das keinesfalls immer mit der republikanischen Seite im amerikanischen politischen Diskurs zusammen passen muss. Der Schwerpunkt liegt aber woanders:

I always find it refreshing to take a quick, clean intellectual shower in the cold, pure waters of libertarian thought, but I find myself most interested in the murky areas on the edge of libertarianism […].

Und in wenigen Sätzen zum aktuellen Debakel im Golf von Mexico führt der Autor, ausgehend von libertären Idealen, überzeugend zu einer breiteren Staatsidee:

But once the need for public action is accepted, things start getting very muddy and we can’t rely on either a love of liberty or fear of the state for guidance. Consider the purely hypothetical case of a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The traditional libertarian would argue that regulation is unnecessary because the tort system will hold the driller liable for any damage. But what if the leak is so vast that the driller doesn’t have the resources to pay? The libertarian would respond that the driller should have been forced to post a bond or pay for sufficient insurance to cover any conceivable spill. Perhaps, but then the government needs to regulate the insurance contract and the resources of the insurer.

Even more problematically, the libertarian’s solution requires us to place great trust in part of the public sector: the court system. At times, judges have been bribed; any courtroom can be influenced by the best lawyers that money can buy. Andrei Shleifer and I have argued that the early regulations were appealing precisely because of a sense that the courts couldn’t be counted upon to protect private property.

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