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Tanzania 9 — Reflexionen zu Leben, Liebe, Entwicklung

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011 17:57

Mit Freude und einer gewissen Wehmut bediene ich mich wieder mal meiner Muttersprache, um etwas Ordnung in den Strom der Gedanken und Gefühle der letzten Monate zu bringen. Und Tansania war und ist sicherlich der bis jetzt anregendste Teil der Reise, für so ziemlich alle zentralen Themen der menschlichen Existenz gibt es Material zur Betrachtung und Problematisierung. Und das klingt schon danach, was es ist — in weiten Teilen ein eher betrübliches Bild, das mich mindestens in Bezug auf Afrika recht pessimistisch stimmt. Ich kann die Afrikaromantik, die in Europa glaube ich recht verbreitet ist, nicht nachvollziehen. Das heißt nicht, dass es hier keine fröhlichen Menschen gibt — aber ich denke, wer den Eindruck bekommt, dass die Menschen hier fröhlicher sind als daheim, hat den falschen Freundeskreis. Oder hat nur die Euphorie und Neugier eines kurzen Besuchs mitbekommen, es ist erstaunlich, wie viel Freude ein „mzungu“ (Weiße/r) hier auslöst, obwohl schon einige unterwegs sind. Es heißt auch sicherlich nicht, dass wir von den Kulturen hier nichts lernen können, ganz und gar nicht. Aber es sagt schon was, wenn die Mehrheit der jungen Leute, mit denen ich spreche, gerne hier weg möchte — und zwar für immer.


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Tanzania 8 — Quiet Life Pictures

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011 18:40

Already the end of my stay in Tanzania is approaching rapidly, it is time for some more (maybe last) pictures and little stories, a post about the accumulated deeper thoughts and feelings is coming up, unfortunately in German — Google Translate is your friend :) — but here some international accessibility first.


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Microcredit and Development — a Critique

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011 14:05

Following my economic observations and reflections on Development Aid here in Tanzania, I did some reading on microcredit, which seemed to me now maybe one of the most sensible things to do to stimulate development. My first-hand impression of some other obvious choices has not been very good so far — I am quite doubtful of the real-life benefit of the secondary education the students get in the school I am teaching in, for instance.

The articles I found convinced me that I wasn’t wrong entirely thinking microcredit could help. But there’s a big BUT, or a number of them actually. An article in the New Yorker from 2008 titled What Microloans Miss provides a very readable introduction, but my primary source is an article called Microfinance Misses Its Mark from Aneel Karnani, published in the 2007 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. It says that, first of all, microcredits help the not-so-poor better than the poorest:


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Tanzania 7 — Ultimate Frisbee and more pictures

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011 21:26

I finally managed to take some pictures of my „Sports & Games“ afternoon highlight, playing Ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of students and some teachers, with the disc I brought from India. I will try to find one to leave here, but I would very much dislike to part with this one. Also, some more commented pictures from the school and life in general.


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Tanzania 6 — Economic Reflections

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011 19:03

One thing that living in a poor, rural part of Africa certainly does change is my perspective on economy. While I feel confident to say that the huge majority of things on sale in Germany, the US, or most of Europe don’t do much to improve people’s well-being or happiness (and many probably make it worse, at least if you take into account the work done to pay for them, and their effect on the environment) things are very obviously different here.


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Jesus and Mary (not his mother…)

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011 10:17

In a Catholic environment like this one, sooner or later I had to remember the scandalous theories of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene, or at least fathering a child with her. While I have to admit that the claims to historical evidence for this marriage don’t really convince me, I found the spiritual-religious argument striking. And I think it does a pretty good job at explaining the shortcomings of institutionalized religion with the incompleteness of the Jesus it chooses to believe in:


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Tanzania 5 — home, politics, kwaya competition and amazing nature

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011 18:46

This will be a loosely connected narrative with a lot of pictures of what I did the last weeks apart from going to school. There is always something going on, especially in Justus‘ life, and even though it’s sad I sometimes don’t get to see him too much because of all his commitments, it is great how many doors are open for me in his company. But I’ll start with the place where I am spending most of my time right now — home (whatever that means this year).


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Tanzania 4 — My first ever exams from the other side

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011 18:10

I have taken exams of all sorts before, I have helped administer exams and have composed exercise questions for students in tutorials. But never before have I composed an exam that will result in actual grading of students. So here I am, after a mere three weeks of teaching Physics in grade 8 and 10, doing just that. Following the format of the national examinations that will be so important for the students‘ futures, because depending on the results they will be able to attend the advanced levels (A-levels), and go to college/university from there.

I am quite scared, to be honest, much more than when taking exams recently. Because in a way I’m giving myself an exam of my teaching success here, and also I hope to encourage and not discourage the students. A colleague who looked at them told me he liked them, and liked that they aren’t too easy… But then, this is what I taught, and very close to the priorities I had in the lessons.

Please cross fingers, and feel free to comment. In Form 3 (grade 10) I only taught reflection and refraction, but this is the final exam for the year, and they had electricity stuff earlier apparently. Well, here are the exams for Form 1 and Form 3.

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Tanzanian „Mock“ National Exam Maths Question

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011 14:55

I had a delightful time helping the Form 4 (last year of secondary school, before the A-levels) students with questions from their „Mock“ National Exam in Mathematics, which will soon decide about whether they can go on to the A-levels. One of these questions surprised me with the amount of creative thinking it involved. That is, I am wondering if there is a standard way to solve this that I overlooked. So here it is, any inputs are welcome (train your brain!):

In a geometric progression, the sum of the second and third term is 6, and the sum of the third and fourth term is –12. Find the first term and common ratio of the progression.

I will post my solution after some comments come in, or I get bored waiting ;)

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Tanzania 3 — Ankommen im Alltag

Montag, 16. Mai 2011 20:46

Ziemlich genau zwei Wochen nach meinem ersten aufwühlenden Schultag fühlt es sich schon ein bisschen an, als wäre ich immer hier gewesen. Dabei strömt immer noch eine konstante Flut von Eindrücken auf mich ein, selbst (vielleicht gerade) hier im unglaublich ruhigen Dorfleben.


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