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small thoughts 2011-10-23 (my week in twitter)

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011 7:59

  • #travelinsight 77: You can’t live a life worth living without putting yourself in risk of dying sometimes. #
  • Press FAILS: Why US public blames politics instead of banks, presidential coverage bias& #OWS protests „unprecedented“? #
  • Camera about to be released where you decide the focus after taking the picture Really a 3D picture of course. Amazing! #
  • Charities petitioning in favor of AT&T — T-Mobile merger show how companies abuse „doing good“ for lobby purposes #
  • Consequentialist argument for a quite radical, though flexible, pacifism in both social movements and countries #
  • Respect to #Mankiw for pointer to distributional effects of 9–9-9 tax proposal bottom 90% loose, top 1% win big time… #
  • Wie sähe eine Welt ohne Vergewaltigungen aus Illustriert gut „male privilege“, siehe auch: #
  • Looking at mental disorders from an evolutionary perspective leads to seeing them as caused by social problems #
  • European „discovery“ of the Americas contributed to „Little Ice Age“ by wiping out native Americans who burned wood #

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