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small thoughts 2011-10-16 (my week in twitter)

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  • War of %s: 99% blame rich 1% 53% who pay taxes blame lazy 47% 99% strike back #
  • Psychologists debunk gender differences widely held & often claimed to be evolutionary How study design shapes results! #
  • Neues Militärmuseum Dresden klingt super „Kulturgeschichte der Gewalt“, Perspektivwechsel zu entwaffnender Ehrlichkeit #
  • Oh Italia RT @zeitonline #Berlusconi braucht offenbar viel Bestätigung. Zum 51. Mal stellt er nachher im Parlament die Vertrauensfrage. (kh) #
  • Financial Coercion Test what makes the difference between forced prostitution and empowered women in „the business” #
  • Amazing personal story of growing up working class in a „middle class society“ Also some caution about „we are the 99%“ #
  • Amanda Knox and Troy Davis Your country is seriously messed up if you look up to the Italian legal system. Oh USA! #
  • RT @zeitonline_dig CCC enttarnt Bundestrojaner: Er kann und tut demnach sehr viel mehr, als die Verfassung erlaubt (kb) #
  • We are the 99 percent“ USA is reinventing class warfare — well the top 1% did years ago I suppose #
  • Bewegender, vielschichtiger #ZEIT Artikel über das „neue Deutschland“ Einwanderungsland, Zuversichtsland.Wir werden bunt! #
  • #Krugman makes me wonder: has economic „science“ become an epiphenomenon of partisan ideology (aka class warfare?!) wow! #
  • Some markets need *massive* regulation via #Krugman Air pollution externalities exceed output in some industries … #

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