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small thoughts 2011-07-17 (my week in twitter)

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  • California „propositions“ (referendums) have become an industry, providing laws for big money #democracyiscomplicated #
  • I usually doubt articles like this, but interesting that supposedly least nutritious veggies are also most tasteless ones #
  • Victory for Pastafarians (& atheists): Austrian driver’s license picture wearing spaghetti strainer for religious reasons #
  • #Krugman Economic policy can achieve short-term growth, while we know little about long-term factors #
  • #Krugman Money is the most difficult to explain economic topic because it inherently deals with market imperfections #
  • Dîner en Blanc in Paris: An aristocrat flash-mob (since 1988) And New York tries to copy. We will see… #
  • #Krugman debunks helplessness-talk concerning the economy Which begs the question: Why is nothing done?! #
  • Assange’s acts might be legal rape or not, they certainly are rape by any reasonable moral judgement Bah. #sadbuttrue #
  • Development from low to middle income through occupation change, further to high income through qualification change #
  • Median household income gain in US since 1975 (!) explained entirely by working longer Yay rising standards of living! #
  • US Inequality Quiz Why is shrinking welfare popular, social mobility, taxes and growth, per capita income per work-hour #
  • Informelle Große Koalition zur Steuerpolitik Die FDP fängt an mir richtig leid zu tun. #
  • Democracy succeeds or fails over „small“ technical details What Arab Spring countries should learn from US mistakes. Wow! #
  • #Krugman on (contemporary) Great Recession Unemployment is not a structural problem, it’s a lack of political will #
  • The stunning culture of our own past: silent reading was a revolution for our oral ancestors, and writing had no spaces #
  • #travelinsight 68: In 80 hours around Lake Victoria. Phew. Involves three border crossings. I’ll have to rant about the Ugandan ones later. #
  • Tagebücher eines „kleinen“ Justizbeamten 1939 bis 1945 zeigen deutlich, was man wissen konnte Traurige Wahrheit. #ZEIT #
  • Rape Mythology“ creates a strong incentive for legitimate victims to lie about circumstances #DSK #lifeiscomplicated #
  • #ZEIT Fahrrad-Verkehrsregeln-Quiz Geschwindigkeits– & Promillegrenzen, Musikhören & Einkaufstaschen, und #CriticalMass #

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