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small thoughts 2011-07-10 (my week in twitter)

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  • Sexism among atheists — what’s wrong with asking somebody if they want to have sex in an enlightened age? #privilege #
  • Economist reviews „Too Big to Fail“ (and „Inside Job“) where do mistakes „cross over into villainy“? #
  • Heribert #Prantl hält Laudatio zum Negativ-Preis Verschlossene Auster an Atomindustrie „Kommuniziert wie der Teufel“ #
  • #travelinsight 67: Trying not generalize African culture myself, I hear „we Africans“ all the time. A healthy, inclusive identity, I hope. #
  • #travelinsight 66: I’m not the only one living out of a suitcase (that is, backpack) here: Most man my age do. Furniture is rare. #
  • The church of fiscal conservatism #cartoon #
  • CDU/CSU/FDP nach Wulffs Lob für die Grünen Wir haben auch Basisdemokratie. Lächerlich. #
  • The #SlutWalk movement and Feminism — fighting the „division of women into good girls and bad ones“ #
  • Die erfolgreiche schlechte Regierung: hört auf Stimmung der Bürger aber ist ideenlos, verbraucht deshalb „Diskursmasse“ #
  • Only perfect women are raped? Arguments for not dropping the #DSK case in the face of other lies from the alleged victim #

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