small thoughts 2011-02-20 (my week in twitter)

  • #mankiw doesn’t see international economy as a competitive game Sadly, no explanation why so many people think otherwise #
  • #travelinsight 10: Bicycle or Moped? Bicycle or Moped? Bicycle or Moped? Think I’ll stick with the former at least until it gets really hot. #
  • #travelinsight 9: I’ll have to get a local mobile phone (kinda oxymoron, right?). People here get one even before a regular food supply. #
  • #travelinsight 8: Sport is good. Team sport is great. I love Ultimate Frisbee! Even though it makes me miss my soccer group back home. #
  • #travelinsight 7: Discovering all the different colors and types of itch mosquitoes can do. It could be fascinating if it wasn’t so annoying #
  • Quartett mit „Blitztrompf“ und leider humorlose Staatsanwaltschaft Ich glaube, das Ding ist pädagogisch wertvoll #
  • #travelinsight 6: Drank my first unfiltered tap water in India, in the shower (silly old habit!) and — nothing. Health risks exaggerated :) #

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