Nice work if you can get it

Das Lied des Tages, wundervoller Text, wundervolle Melodie (überhaupt muss ich sagen, dass meine „Best of Gershwin“-Doppel-CD unbestritten unter die schönste Musik der Welt einzuordnen ist!):

Ella Fitzgerald — Nice Work If You Can Get It

Ah… Werft einen Blick auf den tiefsinnigen Text:

The man who only lives for making money

Lives a life that isn’t necessarily sunny

Likewise the man who works for fame

There’s no guarantee that time won’t erase his name

The fact is, the only work that really brings enjoyment

Is the kind that is for girl and boy meant

Fall in love and you won’t regret it

That’s the best work of all, if you can get it

Holding hands at midnight

Neath a starry sky

Nice work if you can get it

And you can get it if you try

Strolling with the one girl

Sighing sigh after sigh

Nice work if you can get it

And you can get it if you try

Datum: Donnerstag, 30. August 2007 18:23
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