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small thoughts 2012-02-19 (my week in twitter)

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012 7:59

  • White House didn’t offer Republicans a deal they couldn’t refuse. It offered a confrontation they couldn’t win finally! #
  • SZ Magazin hat: „Wie … mich sieht — Bundespräsident“. Sehr lustig And yes, this meme is overused #
  • Soziale Gerechtigkeit ist 2012-Leitthema der Grünen. Zunächst viel geträumt. Projektgruppe Prioritätensetzung hilft #
  • #Colbert explains Obama’s Contraception Crusade Oh, and: „Catholic Charity Money“ is 62% taxpayer money #
  • #XKCD the google problem or: why it’s so hard to do evil things with internet power also: DO NOT reuse passwords #
  • #XKCD relationships in the digital age Don’t forget to hover your mouse over the image for the description, hilarious! #
  • Lack of apprenticeship-like training combined with recession and public spending cuts bring huge youth unemployment #
  • Oh damn Base Jumping looks fun and explains the Fermi Paradox at the same time #
  • Classical nudes photoshopped to be (almost) modern model proportions Scary how „normal“ the skinny versions look! #

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