small thoughts 2011-12-11 (my week in twitter)

  • If you thought England is laughing about the Euro crisis: They will loose whatever the outcome for the Euro will be #
  • Obama takes up 99% / Occupy Wall Street message Quite certainly good for the movement, but needs to go further #
  • Calvin and Hobbes — Dad Explains Science collection. Last one is my all-time favorite Oh joys of parenting and science! #
  • God save America — a frank & clear assessment of Republican candidates (SPIEGEL english, recommended by many friends) #
  • Big Bang Theory vs. the Algorithm of dating Pre-selection in matchmaking services impoverishes our relationships #
  • Top 10 untranslatable relationship words rich language makes richness of experience #psychology #constructivism #
  • Two thirds of psychologists report using bad research practice, one third has doubts about integrity of their own work #
  • #travelinsight 79: Portuguese must be the only language in the world where native speakers learn to conjugate their verbs in school… #

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