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small thoughts 2011-11-13 (my week in twitter)

Sonntag, 13. November 2011 7:59

  • While press raises worry about „Sharia“ in the new Libya, it is unquestioned in „liberated“ Iraq and Afghanistan #
  • Berlusconi zeigte, wie Anti-Parteien-Impulse antidemokratisch werden können und ein heimlich autoritäres Regime #
  • XKCD „Missile Launch Web Interface“ Which mistakes are important — also hover mouse on image and read. #
  • Science tattoos. Many are nerdy, but love the finks and Strebe Projection world map #
  • Tribal Bonds“: Sometimes refreshing to see the positive sides of our species pointed out how pro-social we really are #
  • I didn’t think Daylight Saving Time could ever make me laugh. Can, if dogs and food come into play #

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