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small thoughts 2011-09-25 (my week in twitter)

Sonntag, 25. September 2011 7:59

  • Qualvoller (und weitgehend einkommensfreier) Ausbildungsweg zum Psychologischen Psychotherapeuten Ärzte sind schon weiter #
  • A Science journal review says gender-separate education based on pseudoscience, with really no benefits (German SZ link) #
  • Glücksatlas 2011 — Deutsche glücklicher trotz Wirtschaftskrise Glückwunsch Johannes, gute Arbeit! ;) #
  • Evolutionary algorithm finds optimal build orders for StarCraft II the right place for quantitative science after all… #
  • Economics should become an „operational discipline“ like law instead of (metaphysical) science (can skip to 3rd heading) #
  • Debt increases young adults‘ self-esteem — apologetics of the credit culture #addictivespending #americandreama #
  • Economic practice of discounting cash flows institutionalizes short-term thinking makes environment analyzes useless #

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